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ZaZa Boutique's New Line of Products and Youth Entrepreneur!

ZaZa Boutique is currently engaged in our Business Support Program.  ZaZa hopes to strengthen their business presence online and want to enhance their storefront presence on 16th Ave. SW.  ZaZa owners are also part of the White Center community as parents in our local schools, and residents.  They care about building the quality of life of individuals by building relationships with neighbors and taking the opportunity to advocate for families living and working in White Center.


ZaZa Boutique is making some slight shifts in their product lines, bringing a small selection of small beautiful potted plants, and increasing their selection of silver and gold costume jewelry to the community.  All the items are selected and prepared with care.  They continue to hold their popular line of women jeans from Brazil as well.


But there are a couple of new youth entrepreneurs taking their space at the boutique these days.  Alondra and Sofia are using their own funds and bringing in a new line of toys to White Center.  Alondra enjoys interacting with customers and figuring out what toys would sell well while Sofia enjoys taking the time to price the items well, basing the prices on cost and profitability.  The toys have sold well.  Sofia’s favorite items are the selection of purses, small room fans, pencil sharpener, and lights shaped like lady bugs and hello kitty.  Alondra’s favorite items in the store are the large and small makeup pallets, Hello Kitty, and Cinnamon Bun backpacks and keychains.  The large Pikachu stuffy is pretty cute.


They are challenged by their parents to take up more responsibility and investing their own money to purchase the inventory and learning the challenges of product research, product pricing and dynamics of customer sales.  Alondra and Sofia are learning invaluable lessons with gratitude and expressed their satisfaction with the experience.  Come by ZaZa Boutique, 10434 16th Ave. SW in White Center.  Show some love to our young entrepreneurs and shop local for the holidays!

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