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Your donation means the world to us and makes a huge impact in our work. By supporting our four key areas, you help us provide direct services and awesome programs for businesses, families, and individuals in White Center. This could mean cool cultural learning for young folks, understanding our community's needs, and collaborating with local businesses to throw awesome events.


Join us in our mission to kick poverty to the curb and create a kick-ass, economically diverse community. Your gift makes a real difference. Donate to the White Center CDA now and let's make magic happen together.

Our Buckets of Work:


We can also accept donations for the Marshallese Women's Association and COFA Alliance National Network of Washington.​ Your donation can be used a tax deduction. 

Zaza Boutique

Hello everyone, good afternoon, my name is María Cristina Flores Fuentes.


On Tuesday, May 18, Cristine Flores unmuted her microphone and gave testimony to the King County Council in support of $5 million in economic development funding as part of the Unincorporated Black, Indigenous, People Of Color (BIPOC) Economic Alliance. She began by introducing herself as María Cristina Flores Fuentes, the owner of a small business called Za-Za Boutique located in White Center. Her testimony to Council was presented in Spanish and translated by Comunidad de la Vashon organizer, Cynthia Ramos.

HUB Project

The 2019 White Center Community Survey Report asked White Center community members, “What should community organizations focus on to improve White Center?” and the top community priorities were affordable housing, safety and health.

The White Center Community Development Association and partners thought of a solution: "Hope, Unity, and Belonging." This phrase was adopted as the name of a new building that will break ground in 2022. The White Center H.U.B. will sit on the former KC Public Health Center at 10821 8th Ave SW in White Center, in unincorporated King County, and current location of the White Center Food Bank.

Sili Savusa

2021 was a hell of a year for White Center. The work was different, creativity was the necessity, and compassion was used as a guide as well as a value.


We were able to do what we do because we believe in this community that always steps into their own leadership instructs our work. The WCCDA is extremely honored to be in person to support the work throughout the impact of the pandemic...

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