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Funding Our Futures: A Letter from Our Executive

Recapping 2021

2021 was a hell of a year for White Center. The work was different, creativity was the necessity, and compassion was used as a guide as well as a value.

We were able to do what we do because we believe in this community that always steps into their own leadership instructs our work. The WCCDA is extremely honored to be in person to support the work throughout the impact of the pandemic.

On top of this, our business district recently went through a series of critical fires and the business owners mobilized and put together a list of demands that they would need so their businesses can thrive and continue to be here. The Rental Assistance work in partnership with King County was evidence that the struggle is real, for many of the families not only in White Center but throughout King County.

We're extremely reliant and appreciative of the partnerships that we have with White Center residents and community, local government, funders and generous donors who collectively have shown their commitment to the work in a variety of ways.

So we're going to go into 2022 revitalized and hopeful! We are humbled to see the heart of the community every day as part of the WCCDA's existence. Thank you all for the love and continued support. It really does take a village to do the work in a way that centers humanity.

Thank you.

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