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Fiscal Sponsor Highlight: Cambodian Cultural Alliance WA

The Cambodian Cultural Alliance WA (CCAW) celebrated their 21st anniversary festival in White Center between 15th and 16th on SW 98th.

"The event boasted an impressive turnout of over 1000 attendees, featuring a Cambodian local group such as Khmer Language Arts and Cultural Academy, Khmer Community Seattle King County, and Cambodian Classical Dance of Northwest," said CCAW Co-Organizer Pharin Kong. "The White Center Community enthusiastically embraced the showcase, reveling in the rich tapestry of cultural entertainment on display. "

The event had around 15 vendors from King County and Pierce County. Some vendors included:

  • Asian Counseling & Referral Service

  • Cambodian American Community Council of Washington

  • Discover Wellness with Kangen Water

  • Khmer Community Health Advocate

  • Khmer Community of Seattle King County

  • Grocery Plus

  • White Center Community Development Association

  • White Center Food Bank

  • YWCA Greenbridge Learning Center

  • 34th District Dems

This cultural festival stands as one of the last remaining celebrations of its kind in White Center, preserving and showcasing our community's rich diversity and heritage. Once part of a vibrant tradition of numerous cultural festivals, it now serves as a cherished symbol of our collective identity and unity. This festival is important because it fosters community connections, celebrates cultural pride, and keeps our traditions alive for future generations.

As one attendee shared:  

"Khmer New Year in White Center has always been so special to me. Being able to be surrounded by your community and your culture is a privilege that not a lot of people have. Every year, you see familiar faces that you haven’t seen in years or maybe faces that you see on a daily basis. Families that immigrated to White Center always come back and celebrate with the community that raised them, which is why it makes it so special. It’s always a bittersweet moment to end off the month with this last celebration.  


It has always been such an honor and privilege for my family to serve the community. This year I was able to talk to my Grandpa that owns Samway about it some more and he told me that the reason why they continue to cook and sell food is because he enjoys seeing customers, old and new, being fed. It truly is one of his passions to take care of the community that supports him.  


This year it felt even more special. Although the weather wasn’t great, so many people still continued to show up. It almost feels like a reunion for the community.  


There is so much change happening in White Center every day, but something that has always stayed consistent is Khmer New Year. Everyone continues to show up for the community and have a great day. It truly is one of the days I look forward to every single year." 



CCAW creates and provides opportunities for diverse communities to understand and appreciate traditional Cambodian art and culture through events and activities.


The organization supports community-based performance groups and creates learning opportunities for youths to learn about traditional Cambodian arts and culture.


CCAW aims to foster unity and generate interest in showcasing the arts and culture of Cambodia and its people.

Who We Are:

Founded in 2002 in White Center, CCAW showcases Cambodian culture and arts, particularly through the celebration of the Cambodian New Year with local performance groups and musicians. The organization consists of community volunteers who work together to put on an annual street festival, host movie nights, and support and highlight performance groups.

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