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Economic Development Visits Portland For CAPACD Convening!

Our Economic Development Team consists of Helen (Manager), Jose (Business Support), Stephen (Creative Placemaker), and Thearina (Career Connector).

Thearina's Reflections from the Journey:

"Over the weekend in Portland with National CAPACD, we got to check out some really cool stuff, especially small businesses hanging tough in the face of displacement. These places aren't just shops; they're like the beating heart of the API community in Portland, and stepping inside gave us a real feel for the history and stories these spots hold.

Seeing the local API community and those historical sites was a bit like time-traveling through living history. It reminded me a lot of White Center and the legacies we're carrying forward here.

In some ways, this trip was a bit like comparing notes with what's happening in White Center. It was all about seeing how folks are fighting to keep their cultures and neighborhoods alive.

I was excited to learn about National CAPACD and the work they're doing. It's just like what we're doing back in White Center, making sure our communities thrive. So, yeah, this trip was a reminder that we're all in this together, doing our thing to preserve what makes our neighborhoods awesome. And it showed me that CAPACD is hard at work, which is super inspiring."

Photos from the trip:

1. We visited Portland Chinatown Museum, Bue Kee: An Artist Life and Legacy

2. We went on a walking tour to learn about APANO's economic development work in the Jade District.

3. We spent time learning from APANO staff. APANO's mission: To unite Asians and Pacific Islanders to build power, develop leaders and advance equity through organizing, advocacy, community development and cultural work for more than 25 years.

4. We played with the RISO Risograph Machine used for APANO's BIPOC Printmakers Residency.

5. Economic Development Team Members with Roberta Wong, Curator of Tuk Lung Company: A Multigenerational Family Business in Portland's Chinatown

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