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White Center at the Skyway Harvest Festival!

A word from Helen, our Economic Development Program Manager:

WCCDA had a great time at the Skyway Harvest Festival! I wish we could have brought more of our community to Skyway, but we were able to support two Somali parents and two other businesses connected to White Center.

Our Family Development community members participated:

Deeqa and Fartun catered at the Skyway Harvest Festival this past Sunday from 11-3 pm!

Jacafe Bakery by Deeqa shared 75 harvest pumpkin cupcakes, 50 Icun (eat me) Somali cookies and 25 Somali Anjeero (topped with honey, cinnamon and sesame oil). The Anjeero was a big hit! I think Deeqa had fun sharing her Somali treats, going beyond the cupcake!

Basar Tea by Fartun served 200 cups of her delicious hot and cold chai! Everyone loved the home made chai, especially the hot version!

White Center favorite vendors were there as well:

Theary Foods sold her Bi Kroeung-Fresh Lemongrass Rice served with Boneless stuffed chicken wing was the most popular dish of the day!

El Catrin sold his mole inspired by Oaxaca, Toasted maiz, Guajillo pepper, Hoja Santa over tomatoes served with quarter chicken legs and arroz blanco and was enjoyed by many!

We also had catfish from Skyway and beautiful beaded jewelry from Vashon Island!

Photos from Helen below:

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