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First and foremost is the safety of WC residents, families, and businesses and making sure that WCCDA gets information out to the community members that include updates from KC Public Health and government officials. 


The CDA staff is currently working hybrid due to COVID, but we are available for questions. Please reach out to us directly by email/phone with any questions. On this page, you can find King County resources regarding COVID-19 and the work we have done alongside the county or other organizations. You can find our initial COVID-19 statement here and a compiled list of 2020 resources you could download here.

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Health Updates

Recently, we are getting a few community related questions regarding COVID-19. For more information about this, visit King County's Frequently Asked Questions.


COVID-19 in our Community

​These short, informative videos made my local Community Navigators and Language Access interpreters can be shared on social media, in messaging apps (like WhatsApp), and on webpages. They are available on Vimeo for easy download (4 videos in each language) as well as on the Public Health's YouTube channel.



Health-Based Resources

Fitness Gears

Here are resources that are still active


Cumulative List of Past Work

  • ​Eviction Prevention and Rent Assistance Program

  • Community Translated Outreach Videos for COVID-19

  • PPE and educational Materials to WC Businesses and Residents

  • COVID-19 Pop up Clinics throughout 2020-2022

  • Seattle vet Outreach Collaborative Pet Clinic

  • Food Distribution to Community 2022

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Our Team


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