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First and foremost is the safety of WC residents, families, and businesses and making sure that WCCDA gets information out to the community members that include updates from KC Public Health and government officials. 


The CDA staff is currently working hybrid due to COVID, but we are available for questions. Please reach out to us directly by email/phone with any questions. On this page, you can find King County resources regarding COVID-19 and the work we have done alongside the county or other organizations. You can find our initial COVID-19 statement here and a compiled list of 2020 resources you could download here.

Recent Updates

Pediatric Care | Daryeelka Carruurta | Atención Pediátrica | Chăm Sóc Nhi Khoa
COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Vaccination in our Community!

White Center you are doing great! Our community contributed to King County’s 80.9% vaccination rate. But there’s still more we can do to keep our community safe. So if you haven’t been vaccinated yet (or gotten a booster), here are some transportation resources and vaccination sites near you.

Tallaalka COVID-19 ee bulshadeena!

Bulshadeena ayaa gacan ka geysatay heerka tallaalka 80.9% ee King County. Laakiin weli waxaa jira waxyaabo badan oo aan sameyn karno si aan u ilaalino bulshadeena. Xagaagii waa halkan, oo waxaan rabnaa inaad ku raaxeysatid. Sidaa darteed haddii aadan weli tallaalin, halkan waxaa ku yaal qaar ka mid ah ilaha gaadiidka iyo goobaha tallaalka ee kuugu dhow.

Recursos para un verano sin COVID-19!

Nuestra comunidad contribuyó a la tasa de vacunación del 80.9% del condado de King. Pero aún podemos hacer más para mantener la seguridad de nuestra comunidad. El verano está aquí y queremos que te diviertas. Entonces, si aún no se ha vacunado, aquí hay algunos recursos de transporte y lugares de vacunación cerca de usted.

Tiêm phòng COVID-19 trong Cộng đồng của chúng tôi!

White Center, bạn đang làm rất tốt! Cộng đồng của chúng ta đã đóng góp vào tỷ lệ tiêm chủng 80.9% của Quận King. Nhưng chúng ta vẫn có thể làm thêm để giữ an toàn cho cộng đồng mình. Mùa hè đến rồi, và chúng tôi muốn bạn có một mùa hè vui vẻ. Vì vậy, nếu bạn chưa được tiêm phòng, sau đây là vài phương tiện dao thông miễn phí và địa điểm tiêm phòng gần bạn.

At Home COVID-19 Testing Help | Guriga dhexdiisa COVID-19 Caawinta Baaritaanka | Ayuda para la prueba de COVID-19 en casa | Tại nhà Trợ giúp Kiểm tra COVID-19

Paper: Arabic | English | Kumar | Spanish | Vietnamese

For free test kits: 


For how to use at home test kits: 

Video in English - How To Use a Self-Test 

Vaccination Sites | Goobaha Talaalka | Sitios de vacunación | Các trang web tiêm chủng

You can use Washington State's vaccination locator. Multiple languages are available to translate the website. We have provided a video to show how you can change the language of the website.

Vaccine Sites from Closest to Farthest to White Center


Rite Aid Pharmacy:

Address: 2600 SW Barton ST Suite H1, Seattle, WA 98106

Times open: Mon - Sun 8am-10pm

Phone: 206-938-4253


Bartell Drug Pharmacy:

Address: 9600 15th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106

Times Open: Mon - Sat 8am-9pm, Sun 10am-6pm

Phone: 206-763-2728

Sea Mar White Center Medical

Address: 9650 15th Ave SW Ste 100, Seattle, WA 98106

Times Open: Mon - Fri 8am-5pm

Phone: 853-289-4503


Safeway Pharmacy:

Address: 9620 28th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126

Times open: Mon - Fri 9am-9pm Sat - Sun 10am-6pm

Phone: 206-923-911


Sea Mar Seattle Medical:

Address: 8720 14th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108

Times open: Mon - Sat 8am-5pm

Phone: 855-289-4503

Possible Walk-in

Sea Mar Seattle Health Clinic:

Address: 9635 Des Moines Memorial Dr S, Seattle, WA 98108

Times Open: Mon - Frid 8am-5pm

Phone: 206-658-2175

Fred Meyer Pharmacy:

Address: 14300 1st Ave S, Burien, WA 98168

Times open: Mon - Fri 9am-7pm, Sat - Sun 11am-6pm

Phone: 206-433-6446

For map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1wbapAuv_FHzANemcFJPOwTVttFKqbsOk&usp=sharing 


For more information on UW testing sites: https://www.uwmedicine.org/coronavirus/testing 

Pharmacies That Provide COVID-19 Testing


The provided testing will be FREE and in-person. All pharmacies have self-test at home Covid19 tests for pick up or order online, but this is not free you have to have insurance or pay out of pocket. This website from King County has self-test instruction videos in a lot of languages.



1. 9456 16th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106

2. 3716 S 144th St, Tukwila, WA  98168

3. 14656 Ambaum Blvd SW, Burien, WA 98166

4. 6330 35th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126


Rite Aid

1. 2600 SW Barton St, Seattle, WA 98126

2. 110 SW 148th ST, Burien, WA 98166

Yellow Bus

Transportation Resources | ​Kheyraadka Gaadiidka | Recursos de transporte | Phương tiện dao thông miễn phí 

Sound Transit Link Light Rail or bus

offering free Link light rail and bus rides


Hopelink Mobility

Link to form here

Same-day Ride Phone: (425)943-6706 Help line is open Monday-Friday 8:30am- 4:00 pm


Apple Health (Medicaid)

Health Care Authority (HCA) will cover your transportation. You can use this service for nonemergency medical appointments like COVID-19 vaccinations


Offering FREE rides. Check out their page to find out other ways they are responding to COVID-19. You can watch the screen recording (to the right) from their website to learn how to use the app to order your ride.


Offering FREE rides and the option to give a free ride. You can find the link to their instructions here.

Location Mark
COVID-19 Education Resources | ​Ilaha Waxbarashada COVID-19 | Recursos educativos COVID-19 | COVID-19 Tài nguyên Giáo dục

King County's community materials have materials that you can share to help spread the word about COVID‑19 vaccination and encourage people in your community to get vaccinated

Data as of Sept 2021 from King County Public Health

The Community Partner's Call: July 19, 2021 discusses the COVID-19 new variant and other information from King County. 

Utilities Assistance Programs!​ Programs available in the document:

  • LIHEAP (Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program)

  • Seattle City Light Payment Assistance Program

  • Hope Link Energy Program

  • Bryd Barr Place

  • Puget Sound Energy

  • Puget Sound Energy CACAP and HELP Programs

  • Multi-Service Center

Extra Resources

FEMA is re-sending the Funeral Assistance notification again as registration is lower than anticipated. Attached is the flyer in 18 different languages in addition to the English.

In March 2021, the American Rescue Plan passed and ushered in a historic one-year expansion of the Child Tax Credit (CTC) that has the power to significantly reduce child poverty, build racial equity, and create a public investment for the good of all children. 

Need legal or capacity building support on COVID-19 related issues? If you need additional support specific to your organization or small business, please let us know. We are doing our best to provide increased legal and capacity building assistance during this time.

WCCDA Resources

Our work around COVID-19 has shifted as the needs moved one. We were able to provide direct service in handing out supplies (masks, gloves, cleaners, etc.). You can also find our eviction prevention work below. 

We want to keep a record of how we are helping our community. We will use this data to help evaluate the next steps and how we can move towards sustainability in our services and preparedness.

Please tell us how you are doing!

We want to know more about the resources you need! Check out the link available or scan the QR code for the survey!

Bạn đang đối phó với COVID như thế nào?

Xin vui lòng hoàn thành bản khảo sát này và cho chúng tôi biết bạn cần trợ giúp gì.

Noo sheeg sida aad tahay!

Hubi iskuxirka la heli karo ama iskaan lambarka QR ee sahanka!

¡Cuéntanos cómo estás!

¡Consulte el enlace disponible o escanee el código QR de la encuesta!

In our previous data, you can see how COVID-19 first impacted businesses and individuals. Results were collected from surveys such as the one used above.

Our past work relating to COVID-19

​King County Eviction Prevention & Rental Assistance Program

The King County Eviction Prevention and Rent Assistance Program (EPRAP) was created to help residents behind in rent and utility payments due to COVID-19 hardships. Eligible households throughout King County who have past due rent due to unemployment, lost wages, or health crises as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic can now apply for assistance. We were able to provide translated work throughout the application process. 


We are currently not taking in anymore applications. You can see our collective work below.

​King County Resources

King County's EPRAP Page lists language assistance, frequently asked questions and application portals that you can look at here. 

They also have legal eviction assistance with The Housing Justice Program. You can find the format nd more information here.


Our translated flyers below.

​Translated EPRAP Video​

We have worked with King County to provide you translated videos to advertise EPRAP.

​English EPRAP Video​

​Tagalog EPRAP Video​

​Spanish EPRAP Video​

​Vietnamese EPRAP Video​

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Community Outreach Navigator/ COVID-19 Resources


Data & Evaluation Manager/ EPRAP Services

To find out more about COVID-19 resources, please email us at info@wccda.org.