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“The ‘Make It R.A.I.N.’ Club is geared towards providing a space of safety, support, and fun for all LGBTQ+ youth ages 13 – 21. The ‘R.A.I.N.’ acronym stands for ‘Real, All-Inclusive, and No Limits.’ This program encapsulates all of our LGBTQ+ programming including our internship and our signature event! The club intends on promoting individual growth for queer and trans youth through relationship-building opportunities, focusing on all aspects of their wellbeing, and most importantly – HAVING FUN.

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Signature Event

Currently, we are planning the signature event. Please email Sarey or scan the qr code to sign up to help with the next event.


Our Hxstory

Since its start-up in 2019, the LGBTQ+ community building work has always placed an emphasis on creating a safe space for queer and trans youth through 10-week internships that focus on a specific theme. These Internships aim to build youth up in different aspects of their wellbeing while networking with other LGBTQ+ youth to help create an environment that is compassionate, inclusive, and fun! We’ve focused on themes such as self-care, different types of health (mental, spiritual, etc...), relationships, and more!

In the Summer of 2021, the community building aspect will be taking on a new meaning as we transition into something that’s more encompassing around being a support group. In that aspect, we’re looking to be visible and a resource for LGBTQ+ youth in anything they may need and are looking to find ways to provide help, opportunities, while not cutting out the fun part! 


Previous Internships

Previous Events


A list of resources we wanted to put together for y'all! We will keep updated as we go!

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Our Advocate

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