White Center Community Summit 2017

Jan 2017 Summit Recap


1.       Parent led Community Council on Education that is representative of our diversity

2.       Central hub of resources and information for families and parents

                      a.       Parent ambassadors

                      b.      Many languages



1.       Map of Community micro + small business, farms/gardens and organizations (Mycommunitymaps.org)

2.       Business incubator/ community hub-share tips. Strategies info, recourse to help business be successful AND Center for community events.



  1. Neighborhood Watch – members walking with neighbors, sharing info about what is happening in White Center. (with safety training)

  2. Engage police/sheriffs at community and cultural events – create a relationship beyond law enforcement.



  1. Youth council made up of White Center youth to be present in the decision making process and community meetings alongside adults.



  1. Build more housing affordable to people with low incomes. Make sure it is well connected to transit. Include affordable commercial space.

  2. Connect low income people looking to rent or buy to each other. Use the forum to make existing resources more accessible and better understood. Also come up with new solutions


  1. FEEST Campaign – “Health in White Center looks like” AND White Center – Healthy Roundtables (gathering community partners around health in WC.