White Center Community HUB

A place of learning, sharing, and quality homes for working families. A place created by and for White Center, where efforts to create a more resilient community are centered. The White Center Community HUB will create a place of “Hope, Unity, and Belonging,” where working families can find affordable housing along with essential services that nurture their stability and create greater opportunity.

White Center Neighborhood Advisory Council Scope of Work 

White Center Neighborhood Advisory Council Community Development Values (Draft)


DRAFT: Based on notes from conversations during past four meetings. 



All White Center community members deserve access to affordable housing, great parks and other open space, family-wage jobs, a thriving, safe business district, effective schools welcoming to all families, and a transportation system that greets them where they live and takes them where they need to go.



All development should enhance our natural capacities through strong resilient neighborhoods, characterized by healthy homes, environmentally-restorative, community-oriented development, clean air, water and land, and promotion of our local economy, its businesses, goods, and services. 



Community, ethically diverse members are the best experts to consult when it comes to our community needs, challenges, and opportunities.



Thriving local economies must have inclusive pathways to prosperity with a broad variety of opportunities for people of all ages to secure their livelihood here in the community whenever possible. 

Vision Statement (Draft)


“White Center cultivates economic and ethnic diversity in our neighborhoods, the health and well being of our entire community, is welcoming to everyone, and is recognized as an exceptional place to live, work, go to school, and raise our families”

Mission Statement (Draft)


“Provide diverse community perspective and input on designing a Family Resource Center and Affordable Housing at the former Public Health building/WC Food Bank site, and identify long term housing needs for White Center”

White Center Community Development Association

605 SW 108th Street

Seattle, WA 98146

(206) 694-1082


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