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North Highline Subarea Work and Community Needs List

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About the Projects

After nearly two decades, King County has initiated a new subarea planning program. Beginning with the 2016 Comprehensive Plan, the geographical boundaries of the County's Seven Community Service Areas are being used as the framework for subarea plans created and amended from that point forward. 

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The WCCDA Economic Development Team is working with King County and North Highline to give the community an opportunity to understand what this means, how it affects them and how to contribute to the subarea plan. Our team had dedicated time to meeting with White Center community members to help distribute information, help people submit their priorities in and answer any questions people had. We were able to provide translated services.


This project is now continuing with King County. To follow progress on this project, please visit the site here. You can see our summary report here:

Resources We Used for this Project

Surveys and Focus Groups

We were able to conduct focus groups from multiple ethnic backgrounds and age ranges to collect priorities and needs. We also had multiple surveys running to collect the same data.

Flyer Outreach

Several rounds of flyers were used. We also provided translated flyers for some areas of focus.

To find out more about the subarea plan, please email us at

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