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WCCDA Narrative Series | Nine

NOV 2022

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Image by Doruk Yemenici

I'm a transgender male, more genderfluid now though, but still prefer they/them pronouns and I live in White Center. I come from a very traditional background where my dad is Vietnamese and doesn't know I'm trans or anything. I've been involved with the CDA's LGBTQ youth programming back in high school and I've lived in White center for over 20 years (currently living in Ellensburg for college).  


I joined because I had been one of the members for EHS LGBTQ club, Sarey had shown up and we've been talking about LGBTQ youth and adults within White center for a couple years. But I've always been interested in helping the LGBTQ youth find a safe space to be themselves and explore new things. It definitely left me feeling more motivated to advocate for LGBTQ community. I learned about a huge piece of history for the LGBTQ community too which I share to others here at Central!  

Narrative Samples (8).png

Something I took away would have to be that despite being part of the LGBTQ community transgender people are still discriminated within that community, so I try to advocate that we're no different and to spread awareness. I hope to see it grow into something even bigger, more events held for the youth and allowing those in White Center opportunities to learn grow with an open mindset. Not much, it's pretty simple honestly. I definitely would try to set up activities that are to help donate to the LGBTQ communities and promotions. 

End of Narrative 

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