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Naser Abdelrahim


WCCDA Narrative Series | Fifteen

DEC 2022

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My name is Naser Abdelrahim and I grew up in White Center. Every day after school starting in the 4th grade, I found myself at the Southwest Boys and Girls Club. I continued going after school until I graduated high school. I also was very involved at the Log Cabin, in after school activities at Evergreen High School, and any volunteer opportunities in White Center. Currently, I am coaching Wolverine Select which is a basketball program based out of White Center. 

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I currently am a program director for a college readiness program called Y-Scholars at Garfield High School. I love doing work in the community, and continue to try to impact community in any way that I can. I was lucky to have such inspirational leaders in White Center growing up that allowed me to see the true value in giving back and helping your community. My hope is that kids in White Center continue to see the value in helping in your community and working to make sure the next generation continues the work that has been started by those before myself. 


I love White Center because it shaped me into the man I am today. It allowed me to see the value in giving back, caring for your community, and embracing different cultures. I feel lucky to be able to claim White Center as my home because not everyone gets to grow up in such a diverse community that opens their arms to all. #GoWhiteCenter 

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