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A nonprofit that connects people and place to build community. The WCCDA works to eradicate poverty and build a vibrant economically diverse community. 

How It Started

Beginning in 2001, resident leaders were concerned about the fact that their community felt increasingly fractured, had a declining economic base where businesses left and jobs soon followed, and affordable, quality housing was disappearing. Residents decided to start an organization dedicated to the revitalization of their unique and culturally diverse neighborhood. our work now has moved since then. 

Our Work

Our Work

Community Building

This involves:

  • The HUB Project

  • The LGBTQ+ Internship

We increase resident voice to build a vibrant, multi-ethnic, and proud White Center community by:

  • Supporting resident-led activities

  • Strengthening resident connections & leadership

  • Creating opportunities to build relationships

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Data & Evaluation

This includes: 

  • Our Annual Report

  • Our Past Research Data

Our community-oriented data approach makes our work unique and keeps us accountable to White Center residents by:

  • Incorporating data in all activities

  • Conducting surveys & interviews of local residents

  • Creating data dashboards

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Economic Development

This includes: 

  • White Center Fire Response Rebuilding 

  • White Center Legacy Business Program 

  • White Center Business Alliance 

  • Unincorporated Economic BIPOC Alliance 

We focus on building community-led strategies and policies to create a more equitable economy in White Center by:

  • Building relationships & growing local BIPOC investments

  • BIPOC Small Business Support & Counseling 

  • Cultivating Advocacy & Organizing within BIPOC Small Business Community 

  • Building relationships across BIPOC unincorporated neighborhoods 

Family Development

We assist White Center early learners, young adults, and their families in achieving their goals by:

  • Building knowledge

  • Accessing services

  • Providing leadership opportunities

  • Connecting families to schools, resources & each other

This includes: 

  • Our Play and Learn Program

  • The Promise Celebration

Looking for updates and resources?
Our residents and partners have been stellar in guiding our strategies and keeping us accountable to priorities of the White Center Community. WCCDA believes we can do things bigger and better together. 

To help support us and the work we do in our community, you can donate to us!

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