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Henok Gebreyohannes 


WCCDA Narrative Series | Five

NOV 2022


Self Portrait

I am an immigrant from Eritrea and came here when I was a couple months old. I have lived in white center since I came from Eritrea! I went to school locally in White Center at a school called Mountview elementary while living in Park Lake homes which are now Greenbridge and Seola Gardens. I am connected to White Center since I lived and served this community since I moved here by volunteering, working at the SouthWest Boys and Girls Club, and being an active member in the community. I like to play basketball, take nice walks by the water, and I like to eat.


Image by WCCDA


Image by WCCDA

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Image by Atomic Aerials

My career path is undecided however I would like to serve low-income communities with the opportunity of employment, entrepreneurship, and community exposure in order to create connections and stability for people within the community! 


The life I see for my kids is a debt free, livable, safe, and loving community! 


What I like most about White Center is the diversity. Growing up, I went to school with mostly minorities with different backgrounds and cultures which shaped me to be who I am today. I also love how even if you don't know somebody, they know somebody that you may know! It is a small but big community when you look at it! I am a supporter of the Yes foundation and I am also a White Center advocate for Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N) Where I work with people who are a part of the White Center CDA!


One thing I would change right now is the gentrification that is happening. I feel as if people are getting pushed out of a place they've called home for many years and that does not sit right with me.

We all need to play our role! I have to play my role in making this community a safe spot for you. I have to play my role as a community voice to tell people right from wrong when they are misguided. I have to play my role in bettering myself so I can be an example to the youth who will eventually become our leaders. That is my role and I hope we all can find a role in making our community a better place day by day!   

End of Narrative

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