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Frank Johnson


WCCDA Narrative Series | Eighteen

DEC 2022

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Image by WC Teen Program

For most of my early life, I grew up in White Center. I graduated from Evergreen High School in 2010. After high school, I worked for Community Schools Collaboration at Cascade Middle School. I also worked for the White Center Teen program at the Log Cabin.

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Image by YES! Foundation

White Center has always been a place of community and community leaders. Having grown up and lived in the Dubcee, I have seen the change that gentrification has brought. But I have also seen a lot of the violence that I grew up around in the Dubcee diminishing.

The families and the youth in White Center mean a lot to me. I love the diversity of White Center. And I love the food that diversity brings! I am also immensely proud of organizations like the Yes! Foundation of White Center and the White Center Community Development Association and the work that they are doing in the community. Currently, I co-host the Inside White Center podcast with Lisa Nguyen and Pat Thompson, executive director of the Yes! Foundation.  


The White Center CDA has supported me by not just advocating for the better-ness of our community but also by having great leaders and community workers alongside them to achieve that. The work the CDA does expands beyond the community summits and spring cleans. They play a huge role in the continuation of a better White Center. They have given me even more of a reason to want to work in Dubcee.

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What are things that mean a lot to you in this community? 

The families and the youth. 

The diversity. 


YES! Foundation of Whitewater 

White Center CDA 

End of Narrative

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