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Our Impact

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Data Philosophy


We strive to incorporate data in all our activities through surveys, interviews, and data dashboards. Our community-oriented data approach makes our work unique and keeps us accountable to White Center residents. 

Data gathered through community meetings, the community survey, and in partnership with organizations such as Highline Public Schools and King County shape current CDA initiatives in community building, neighborhood revitalization and early learning/K-12 family supports. 

2020 Annual Report

Our annual reports captures our growing partnerships with other organizations, our progress on building, strengthening and supporting community, and encouraging leadership. Our reports are put together by our Data & Evaluation team.

2019 Annual Report

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2018 Annual Report

Impact Numbers

2013 - 2017
White Center Demographic Trends

Part of our key findings taken from the report

Dao Tran

Data & Evaluation Manager


To find out more about data and survey results, please email us at

How to support the White Center community?

We want you to be involved with our work in the community as we continue to curate more events for our family and friends. From the work we share to you all, we hope that you share your support by volunteering at our events, donating to our various programs and services, or promoting our events on social media.

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