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March 10th, 2010 in Business, Community, Environment, Immigration, News, Partners, People, Politics |


Blog editor’s note: The following letter was written in response to an opinion piece in the January edition of Shorewood on the Sound Community Club’s newsletter. A copy of this piece was stapled to the White Center Chamber of Commerce’s agenda for their Tuesday, March 9 meeting. You can also read the original piece above.

March 9, 2010

Shorewood on the Sound Community Club

Kevin DeLashmutt, Editor

Michael Armstrong, President

Delivered via email to:

RE: January 2010 Shorewood News edition

Dear Mr. DeLashmutt and Mr. Armstrong:

My organization received a copy of your latest Shorewood News edition at the March 9th, 2010 White Center Chamber of Commerce meeting and were quite disturbed by one of the articles titled “Dog-doo doings….Ewww.”

We are an organization formed by local residents to promote a vibrant neighborhood and high quality of life for White Center residents. We value treating everyone with dignity and acting with cultural competency by respecting the values, history and culture of our diverse communities. We also overwhelmingly believe in our community’s strengths and operate with an open partnership approach to our work.

This is why we were offended by your remark stating that “At our next community club meeting we will be discussing penalties for anyone caught not cleaning after their pets. Something equally if not more egregious, like maybe catapulting flaming bags of poo through their windows, or sending their beloved pets to White Center to be recycled (eaten).”

We do not find this remark funny- we find it offensive, as this stereotype is obviously applied to the communities of color in our diverse White Center. It is also abusive to our goal to market and promote our wonderful, hard-working, and largely immigrant owned small businesses and restaurants.

We appreciate community residents like yourselves getting together to improve your neighborhood. We’d implore you to please do so without dragging down a neighbor, especially one like White Center that has done so much to counter such negativity over the last few years.

Additionally, we’d welcome the opportunity for further conversation with your group as part of a larger North Highline community. Please contact me at or 206-694-1802 x164. Thank you.


Aileen Balahadia

White Center CDA Executive Director

Karen Veloria

White Center CDA Board President & Blvd. Park resident

Heather Downey

White Center CDA Board Vice President & Shorewood resident

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2 Responses to “Shorewood newsletter: send unwanted dogs to White Center to be…..eaten!?!?”

  1. nic Says:

    Dear Shorewood Neighbor,

    It is easy to assume the unthinkable about your unknown, vibrant White Center neighbors. ASSUMING your dogs can be “recycled/eaten” by White Center residents is just as irresponsible as the ones who didn’t pick up the dog poop in your public trail. As an Arbor Heights resident who loves White Center and its people, I would like to invite you for a bowl of noodle at Pho 99 or piece of pizza at Proletariat, or a beer at Big Al brewery or a cup of coffee at Dubsea. I bet your dog loving, neighbor hugging self you will not find a strand of dog hair in your food instead you will find pleasure in the wonderful, tasty and colorful cuisine White Center has to offer.

  2. Getalife Says:

    I thought this was a funny article. Is this really the only thing to complain about? How about police support or annexing to Seattle/Burien or cleaning up some of the businesses? People need to get their priorities correct and learn to take a joke as a joke.

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