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June 12th, 2009 in Business |

White Center is known for its deep catalog of restaurants - especially of cuisine that is defined by its population. Anyone familiar with White Center knows that there are many Vietnamese restaurants, so we’d like to take a second to introduce you to Asian Bubble Tea & Vietnamese Sandwiches (9835 16th Ave SW, 206-762-0164). Yes, the owners probably need to come up with another name for their business - which has only been open for a little over a month - but there are some things that shouldn’t change, including some items that a co-worker and I ordered today. But before the blog gets all gastronomical on you:


Here's what the storefront looks like, complete with colorful cut-outs of bubble tea cups and prices of menu items.

decor1The interior decor is somewhat of an acquired taste ;)

It's a good sign when you have this many condiments to choose from.

We were greeted by the owners, both of whose names I failed to get, who were really friendly and helpful. We were given a few large handwritten makeshift pieces of paper that described the menu items. The owners told us they will figure out the popularity of certain menu items, then they will create an official menu. The selections were diverse; ranging from several types of soups, egg/salad rolls, rice dishes and beverages. I ordered the egg rolls as an appetizer:


Egg rolls with fresh veggies

The egg rolls, a freshly made combo of pork/shrimp/crab meat, had a certain aftertaste that prevented me from eating the other two. Not a good first impression, but I didn’t let that cloud my judgment of what was to come.


Beef short ribs, served with steamed rice and topped with two fried eggs.

I ordered the beef short ribs as my entree, and wasn’t disappointed at all. The meat was easy to strip off the bone and was cooked in a subtle marinade (a little bit of soy sauce, garlic and salt+pepper). And trust me when I say that a fried egg topper makes almost any dish a classic. This no-frills dish is one that I recommend to anyone.


Oxtail with two different types of beef, with steamed rice and two fried eggs (of course!)

My co-worker asked about the Oxtail, which can be served in different ways. Because the menu might suggest the Oxtail being served in a stew, my co-worker ordered it “dry”. It was served with an extra portion of beef and a pork meatball skewer. The protein overload didn’t stop there - a couple of fried eggs finished off what my co-worker describes as a “filling” meal. I personally look fwd to trying the stewed Oxtail.

Give this restaurant a try - there’s currently a lot of selections so take advantage of it while it lasts, maybe your favorite dish will make the final menu. Hours are from 8:00am - 9:00pm, and I’m guessing that their fried egg Vietnamese sandwich would be good for breakfast/brunch. We were definitely full after our meal so we weren’t able to try the Bubble Tea but that, of course, is another blog entry.

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One Response to “Restaurant Review - Asian Bubble Tea & Vietnamese Sandwiches”

  1. simon211 Says:

    When tasting bubble tea, we go for the most basic to start, such as a milk tea without flavoring, so that you can tell if they use good tea base and not just powdered artificial flavoring. So we actually tried the “bubble tea” and found it to be not well blended and the tapioca did not have a good chewy consistency. The owner also didn’t seem to know what bubbles actually were?! When we left our clothes smelled greasy due to the poor ventilation. We’re always looking for a decent bubble tea place in White Center. Any suggestions? Our favorite bubble tea place in Seattle is Ambrosia in the ID:

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