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March 18th, 2011 in Annexation, Politics |



The Seattle City Council’s Regional Development and Sustainability Committee gathered today to discuss annexation, amongst other topics. Above is a photo we took right outside of the Seattle Council chambers after giving individual testimonies regarding annexation. Even though everyone knows that we love White Center, we had to show it too, by wearing our “I Heart White Center” t-shirts in solidarity!

Councilmember Richard Conlin announced a new resolution calling for a decision on annexation by February 2012. The entire City Council will consider this resolution on March 28. You can view today’s committee hearing in full on

Pictured, left to right: Peter Chum, Virgil Domaoan, Patty Julio, Sylvia See, Kate Stannard, Mohammed Al-Shimari and Julia Bautista. Photo by Ian Dapiaoen.

UPDATE, 3/21: View the aforementioned resolution here, download the PDF version here, and view/download the North Highline Potential Annexation Area map here. You can view this hearing at the Seattle Channel by clicking here. We also added a screen shot of Mohammed, 15, speaking at the hearing (see above).

UPDATE, 3/29: At the 3/28 full council hearing, City Council voted to move ahead with making a decision about annexation in February 2012 for a possible vote in November 2012. The Council also agreed to not get in the way of any efforts that Burien may want to make in annexing White Center. You can read yesterday’s resolution here. You can also watch archived video from yesterday here.

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One Response to ““I HEART WHITE CENTER” at Seattle City Hall today!”

  1. edjmarquez Says:

    Bravo! Good job everyone. Next stop annexation.

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